Context laid in the “First Thematic Workshop Report” on Culture for Reduced Inequalities by UNESCO, is the theme of inequalities is at the core of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through the pledge “leave no one behind”. At the same time, it is an extremely complex and
multifaceted concept: SDG 10 exemplifies this complexity through its different targets which touch upon social, economic and political dimensions of inequalities, both within and among countries.

What do you get when super talented independent musicians put their minds to creating some rocking tunes for Mumbai?

What do you get when those rocking tunes come alive in a music video by some of the best film crews?

That’s right!

You get The Music Video Project – a fitting ode to the creative spirit and diversity of Mumbai. And when all these minds come together – writers, lyricists, composers, directors, cinematographers, actors and all the other technicians and artistes – to create one stellar piece of art, it’s our way of doing justice to the UCCN’s theme for 2022 “Creativity – Path to Equality”.   

The music, curated by Wobble Creative and Content.  presents global sounds with a distinct Mumbai feel and vibe. The filmmakers are invited to register, take a pick and get, set, shoot a music video to the selected track!