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Rakesh and friends

Title of the Track: Tenacity

Credits that will appear after the film:

Song Credits:

Music Composed & Arranged by RAF
Additional Production & Mix : Sheldon D’Silva

The idea behind Tenacity was to maintain the live instrumental integrity of the band members and infuse the EDM sound with them. Many times EDM is dominated by electronic samples, but the band chooses to use more soulful organic sounds that effortlessly merge with dance elements. This sound is unique, creating a pulsating meditative textural experience right until it bursts into a powerhouse dance track. This song has the same characteristics of Mumbai as a city, that wears it’s heart on its sleeve, has a constant pulse and drive to keep moving and survives the chaos with an ethnicity guided by the unified emotion of love. The band strives to bring this heart and diversity into their music always.

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