The Brief

The Music Video Project is designed to involve youth and artistes in creating films that revolve around the theme “Creativity- Path to Equality”. The Project supports the vision of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) to involve creative professionals like musicians and filmmakers to think about how we, as a society, can ensure that no one gets left behind to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and all people have access to resources for a better life. Under the MVP, for the first time selected musicians and film teams will collaborate to create music videos as a tribute to Mumbai!  

As a musician, your effort would be to pen lyrics that reflect the inclusive, diverse city of films, and compose the music with global appeal as the music video will be screened at Indian and International events of the UCCN, BMC and Kala Ghoda Association.  

For film teams, as the city is designated as a UNESCO City of Film in 2019, the film should be shot in Mumbai depicting its diversity, cultural heritage, creativity and opportunity. 

Your Mission

Musician: To share an original composition that reflects Mumbai’s cultural diversity and heritage.

Filmmaker: To make the Best Music Video featuring the original track allotted to you from a curated list of musicians, on the same theme


Musicians, bands, independent artistes – share an original composition between June 19 to July 24, 2022

Filmmakers- create a music video to an original tracks allotted to you between July 29 to August 15, 2022


To give your music and filmmaking skills a new dimension- of being a creator who cares to pave a path to equality and support UCCN’s theme of “Creativity- Path to Equality”. Be a part of an international UNESCO event and who knows, you might become an international sensation!


  1. Register as a Musician  or Filmmaker 
  2. Check email for details on deadlines for submission of track, creative brief, submission procedure
  3. Submit your song or film within the stipulated deadline
  4. Chill and wait for the magic!

Music Guidelines

Theme: Share an original composition reflecting your interpretation of our diverse, inclusive city of Mumbai and its rich and diverse cultural heritage.
Language: Marathi, Hindi or English
Type of music: Vocal or instrumental is allowed
Duration: Minimum 120 seconds | Maximum 240 seconds
Genre: Any
Music submission procedure: Share a downloadable *.wav file on a Google Drive link along with the lyrics (if any) in a Word document file to 

Video Guidelines

and a few tips

– Camera: Any camera is allowed. Filmmakers can use DSLRs or even film cameras

– Footage: The footage of Mumbai should be shot during the competition period.

– Stock footage: Stock footage of Mumbai is only allowed if filmmakers have shot the footage themselves. Old stock footage of Mumbai can be used if the filmmakers can show permission letter or rights certificate of the filmmaker.

– File format: We will accept files using Wetransfer only. The file sizes needs to be under 1.5 GB with a H.264 file format. Please send a HD file (1920×1080) even if you have shot using 4k. We will not encourage 4k renders.

Tip: Please do not share Gdrive links or other file transfer sites.

Location: Filmmakers will be given a letter of participation from the BMC before they shoot in Mumbai, however you need to avoid shooting outside government buildings and other sensitive areas like the Taj, CST and other public places. The letter is not a substitute for official permissions and Organisers will not be held liable for any legal or police action faced by the filmmakers.

48HFP expert tip: Avoid using a tripod while shooting in Mumbai’s crowded places.

Music video duration: Music video must be the same length as the allotted track, no edits are allowed. Any changes to the tracks will lead to disqualification

Credits: Musician name is mandatory and must appear before the video

Video slate: The video will begin with a mandatory video slate shared by the Organisers.

Team size: No bar

Children artiste in the film: Please make sure you have a waiver release form signed by the parents or guardians of the children before you shoot.

Number of entries per team: One team can make only one entry.

Submission Guidelines

– Cast and crew waivers: Prior to video upload, the team leader must email the signed contestant release forms for each cast and crew member.
– Minors: In case of minors, the parent/guardian must sign the release form.
– Submission procedure: We will accept files using Wetransfer only. Details will be shared on email with every registered participant.