Reeshabh Purohit


Title of the Track: Safar

Credits that will appear after the film:

Song Credits:

Vocals, Composer and Producer: Reeshabh Purohit
Penned: Late Nida Fazli
Violins Arranged & Performed: Shardul Bapat
Mix & Mastered: Tushar Pandit

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safar mein dhoop to hogi
jo chal sako toh chalo…

kisi ke vaaste raahein kahan badalti hai?
tum apne aap ko khud badal sako to chalo

yahaan kisi ko koi raasta nahi deta
mujhe giraake agar tum bahal sako to chalo

yahi hai zindagi kuchh khwaab chand ummidein
inhi khilaunon se tum bahal sako to chalo

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