• The Music Video Project (MVP) is a music video competition for Indian filmmakers to make the best Music Video celebrating the cultural diversity of Mumbai on the theme, “Creativity- Path to Equality”. The filmmakers have to make a music video in a 15-day filmmaking period for an original track provided to them by the Organisers. The contest features Indian and international musicians curated by Wobble Creative & Content. We received  a phenomenal response to our call for musicians to collaborate with the Project. We are no longer accepting music tracks. However, filmmakers can still register for the event here FILMMAKERS REGISTRATIONS   MUSICIANS / COMPOSERS REGISTRATION

The contest is held in 2 phases – 

Kick Off – Friday July 29, 2022

Drop Off – Saturday August 14, 2022

On the Kick Off day, the registered musicians are allotted a track each from among  the selected musicians. Fifteen days later the film teams have to submit their original music video by online process. 

An eminent jury panel will review the videos and choose the winners. 

The musicians get an exclusive music video on their track and a chance for international visibility and recognition. The filmmaking team which wins the Grand Prize of the Music Video Project will receive Rupees One Lakh as prize money. There are other cash prizes as well. The winning videos and tracks will be showcased at Indian and international events organised by the UCCN, BMC and KGAF.

The Organisers of the competition are:

  • Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the civic body of Mumbai city 
  • Kala Ghoda Association’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF), an international art and culture festival
  • The India chapter of the world renowned 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP)

The competition is supported by:

Wobble Creative & Content 

Pocket Films

By taking part in the MVP, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. This Music Video Project is organised by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) and 48HFP India.


  2. This contest is open to all Indians residing in India and abroad.


  3. Participation is free of charge.


  4. Entries can be made on an individual or group basis.


  5. The videos must be recorded in the participant’s own home, studio or outdoor with the required permissions. The Organisers are in no way responsible for procuring legal permissions. Footage from their previous shoots is allowed. All filmmakers have to send an additional email notifying us that they have used stock which is shot by them and they have the rights to the footage. 


  6. Originality: Every entry must be the original creation of the participant and should not be plagiarized. Entries that are not original will be automatically disqualified. Participants are required to duly complete a declaration form stating that the video is their own creation.


  7. Entries that are submitted should not have won any prizes in any previous contests or have footage used in any other copyrighted films.


  8. The full cost for producing or filming the video must be borne by the participant.


  9. The music video produced must be in Marathi, Hindi or English.


  10. The entire track must be used in the film as it is; no edits or changes are allowed.


  11. It is not mandatory to feature the musician in the video. Organisers will not be responsible for facilitating or coordinating any shoots with the collaborating artists. 


  12. Organisers reserve the right to reject any entry that violates the terms and conditions of the contest. They shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the submission or production, from any parties.


  13. Additional accompanying music is not allowed.
  14. Entries submitted must be a manifestation of the participants’ creativity and incorporate positive values. It SHOULD NOT use an insensitive approach to portray various races, cultures, genders, sexual orientation and religions and must not insult any individuals or organisations. Offensive, violent, sexual videos will be rejected at the Organisers’ discretion.


    Participants can view or download original lyrics and musical chords of the songs through www.musicvideoproject.in
    after the Kick Off on Friday July 29, 2022.


  16. Participants may submit only one entry per team.


  17. Entries must be submitted in the form of a recorded video clip


    Entries will be submitted using Google Drive OR We Transfer


    i. Acceptable video formats are MP4 and MOV only. The accepted file format is h.264 (mp4) under 1.5 Gb.
    ii. The minimum resolution required is HD 1920×1080.
    iii. Each video clip that is submitted should not exceed 1.5GB in size. 
    iv. Duration of video clips should be as long as the allotted track. Only closing credits are allowed in the format prescribed by the Organisers.


    i. Submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria and marking scheme:
    Idea 40% + Creativity 40% + Relevance to theme 20% = TOTAL 100%
    ii. Every entry will be evaluated for originality, content, concept, creativity and production quality by the panel of Judges appointed by Organisers.
    iii. Judges’ decision is final and conclusive and cannot be challenged by the participants whatsoever..

    The Organisers reserve the right to reject any entry that violates the rules or amend any term as deemed necessary.

    i. The Organisers shall have the authority to determine and announce the winning entries and prizes.
    ii. Winners will be notified through phone and e-mail.

    Music- The musicians own the copyright to the music track created or shared for the MVP.
    Music Video- Participants/ Filmmakers / Musicians agree to release the music videos to the Organisers for promotional use and broadcasting before, during and after the contest. All / Winning entries  videos received as entries to the MVP will be uploaded on Pocket Films. Organisers shall have the right to edit, reuse, modify, reproduce or amend the video for promotional purposes.

    Entries will be accepted from July 29 to August 14, 2022. Entries that are received after the closing date will not be accepted. The Organisers reserve the right to extend the contest duration if deemed necessary, in which case the revised closing date will be announced later.

  25. PRIZES
    There are 2 categories in the contest for the film team making the Best Music Video. Each category’s prizes are as follows: 
  1. A) GRAND PRIZE- Rupees One Lakh
  2. B) Second Prize- Rupees Fifty Thousand