Nihar Bhatawadekar

"Just having passed my twelfth standard exams, I'm an avid music lover with tastes across various
genres. These include AR Rahman, Madan Mohan, Kumar Gandharva, RD Burman, Naushad as well
as the likes of Michael Jackson,John Williams,Mozart and Bach.
I'm also a music composer, and have composed for few local short films and feature films.
My foray into classical music has been a curious one. When I first listened to classical compositions,
it was as if I came into contact with the very soul of the music. Its breathtaking nuances stirred me
passionately. And it was due to this that I decided to take up music. It was my inner calling.
Music altered my mind in various ways, and I would start analyzing it, understanding it, so that my
my own perception significantly developed.
Thus I started experimenting with sounds on my computer. My background as a tabla player also
aided me with this. But my repertoire was not to be limited to classical only; Michael Jackson
appealed to me as much as AR Rahman. Rock captivated me in different ways, too.
Naturally, I came to use DAW and other kindred platforms very proficiently. There I learned the
finer aspects of production. But in all these experiences, it has always been the inner spirituality,
that guided me. Creation, at any level, is a work of joy; and it is this that has propelled me on